3 Easy Card Trick to Impress Your Friends

April 12, 2018

Ever since I was five years old, I've never left the house without a deck of cards in my pocket. This post will teach you a few card tricks that anyone can perform and that will make you look like a wizard for your friends. 


Find the Aces


This is the first great card trick i ever learned. I say that because, the first time I performed it, my mother's jaw literally dropped open. It is quick, easy, and best of all, your friend does all the work for you.


Effect: You never touch the cards, but your friend still finds all four aces in the deck.


Presentation: Tell your buddy that you picked up this great trick from a magician with no hands. From now on, you will not need to touch the cards. Have them set the cards on the table and cut the pack to the right. Then, instruct them to take each of the packets on the table, and to cut them below the current packets. You should be looking at your packs of cards arranged in a rough rectangle. Tell them to pick up the packet in the top left hand corner, and move three cards from the top of the pack to the bottom. Then, from the top of the pack in their hand, instruct them to deal a card on each of the other packets. Repeat this process with each of the other packets. When they are done, snap your fingers over the four packets on the table. Have them flip over the top card of each packet to reveal...that each one is an ace. 


Secret: Put the four aces on top of the deck. That's it, you're done. Simply arrange the aces on top and repeat the steps listed above. You only need to make sure that the packet with the aces on top (the bottom right hand one) is picked up last. Really stress how impossible this is, because remember, you never touched the deck! I guarantee your friends and family will be lining up to go to Vegas with you after this. 




I have won more money with this bet than I care to share. Here is what it looks like...


Effect/Presentation: Your mark selects a playing card, memorizes it, and replaces it in the middle of the pack. You begin to flip over cards, making sure to let them know not to tell you if they see the card. Good thing to, because they clearly see  you miss the card and deal several more after it. When you bet them (insert money or prize here) that the next card you flip over will be theirs, they will gladly shake your hand with a smug smile. Only to have that smile wiped of their face as you reach into the dealt cards, pluck out their card, and flip it face down onto the table. 


Secret: This kind of effect is known as a "sucker's bet", and utilizes one of the oldest principle's in magic, the key card. When you lift up half the pack to have them replace the card, you secretly memorize the card above it. (Alternatively: memorize the bottom  card, have them place the card on top, and cut the deck). When you start dealing the cards onto the table, you are secretly watching for the card you memorized. When you see it, you instantly know that the next card is the one they picked! From then on, the rest of the trick is all about selling the bet to your buddy/mark.


Waring: Be careful about forcing your friends to pay up for this. Is is better to get a laugh out of a buddy than to have them angry at you for cheating them. 


Predict the Future


This trick is gonna be a fun one, cause I'm not gonna tell you how I do it!


Effect: Your friend selects a playing card. The card is memorized and returned to the pack. You reveal a prediction that proves you looked into the future to discern the identity of the card before it was even chosen!


Secret: All you need to know is a basic card force. There are tons of online tutorials, so I won't go into too great of detail here. A few good ones include the: Hindu force, the Slide Force, and the Count Force. Once you have mastered the technique of your choice, you just need to write down the card you will make them pick. somewhere ahead of time. My advice here is to be creative! Anyone can write a card down on a piece of paper, but that doesn't have the same WOW factor as seeing is printed on a building. 

Here are a couple of ideas, but I highly encourage you to make up your own. Comment below on your favorite way to reveal a prediction. 


Ideas: Write it on your arm, get a temporary tattoo of the card, take a picture of you holding the card and send it to them before the trick, post it on Twitter/Facebook, or print it on a T-Shirt. Have fun and let me know how it goes!




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