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Time: 30-50 min
Kids will laugh, scream, and cheer as Shane performs dazzling feats of magic. Popular portions of the show include producing candy from thin air, solving a Rubix Cube without touching it, and making a drawing come to life. 
These performances can be adapted to fit any time limit, crowd size, age range, and venue space. 
At the end of each show, the guest of honor will have the opportunity to become a magician and help Shane with the finale.


Time: 45-60 min

Out of all Shane's shows, nothing brings the “wow”factor quite like his full stage act. His unique blend of comedy, illusion, and absolutely manic energy will leave audiences of all ages gasping in disbelief and laughing out loud. Whether you are looking to reward your employees/students for their hard work or take your party to the next level, Shane's show will give your guests a truly one of a kind experience.

(Note: a hands free microphone may be required to be supplied for large audiences)


Time: 1-3 hours

No Stage? No Problem!

When you chose the Strolling option, Shane will walk around your event and bring the magic to your guests.

If your guests are seated, Shane will turn their table into its own mini-show. If they are mingling, Shane will mingle with them and help break the ice. 

After Shane leaves to entertain another group, your guests will huddle together and discuss how he used cards, coins, and sponges to seemingly defy the laws of physics. They will be talking about his performance, and your event, long after the party ends. 


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